Wolf Lake is a lovely little park tucked away in a nearby neighborhood. This weekend, I went on a walk about the park, taking in the natural sights, and catching some photos. Here are some of the best sights caught on camera!

This iguana was hanging out over the water, chilling out in a mix of sun and shade. I was able to use my zoom lens to snap a quick photo of it, and it definitely noticed me! Once I stepped a little too close, it darted away and submerged itself into the lake.

The way this branch hung over the path was very pretty and decorative, it’s amazing how Mother Nature can be almost strategically decorative. It hung over me as I walked along, the leaves growing from it rustling in the wind. I thought it acted as a cool natural frame! 

This was the spot where the iguana launched itself into the water. It’s kind of like a hallway of trees leading into the water. The way the light shone on the water was almost blinding at certain angles, this one was luckily much easier to look at.

This area was a lot quieter than the rest of the park, and the park commonly was polluted with the noise of cars and trucks. This area was almost ominous, very silent with only the sound of the wind through the trees. I tried to picture this silence via photo, along with the feeling of the location.

After exiting the area with nothing but trees and silence, I stumbled close to a field area. Bouncing around and fluttering by were some butterflies and moths, and this lil guy stood out to me. It’s posing for the camera!

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