Here is the lēt phone app UI (read more on lēt here). It is built to be easy on the eyes, as well as having a changeable highlight (currently an energizing green) option to add a sense of personalization. On top of this, there’s also a lot of information that let conveys, so in order to have all that information in an easy to locate place, there’s collapsible menus on the mobile version.

Desktop lēt is a conglomeration of a streaming app, social app, game distribution app, and game store app. It’s built to handle all these process as well as make them easy to use and close to one another. No longer will you have to have 3 programs open to play games, chat with friends, and stream.
lēt mobile lacks the streaming program and gaming distribution (perhaps something for mobile games though). However, lēt mobile has every other bit of information that the desktop app holds. The store, chats, stream watching, and profile parts are still in the mobile app.

Chat Panel – Allows one to access DMs and group chats

Sending messages via chats is easy-peasy with this chat app. You have access to each group chat or direct messages, as well as being able to jump to other pages in the app. 

Profile Panel – Contains information about a user, their achievements, name and profile. 

The profile panel features everything on a player and can be customized per person. It has their name, a tagline, their description, achievements, favorite game, friends, max hours played, and recordings or archived streams. They also allow the player to customize what is shown and manage the privacy of their profile. 

Store Panel – Contains games organized via tags, categories, ratings, reviews, or recommendations.

On mobile, the store is just as huge as it is on the computer. You are able to buy and manage purchases via mobile, as well as do some game hunting and look over some games with high ratings before making a choice. It’s easy and accessible.