Here is the lēt desktop app UI (read more on lēt here). It is built to be easy on the eyes, and the highlights (currently an energetic green) can be swapped out for other colors for personalization. There’s a lot of information to be contained in one location, so I tried to create a UI that could easily convey that information without being overwhelming. This caused the usage of many menus and sub-menus.

lēt is a conglomeration of a streaming app, social app, game distribution app, and game store app. It’s built to handle all these process as well as make them easy to use and close to one another. No longer will you have to have 3 programs open to play games, chat with friends, and stream. It also has everything on a mobile app, too.

Home Page – Contains all the menus and locations.

The left bar features the different parts of the app, including streaming, store, social, and profile menus, with quick sub-menus to go to specific parts.

The right bar contains rosters of online friends by game or availability. 

Streaming Page – Contains the in-app streaming.

Both the left and the right menus can collapse inward, hiding specifics and sub-menus, but leaving the major icons to be clicked.

The streaming page allows you to manage your scenes and sources, as well as allowing you to preview what is being streamed. On top of this, you can also see the mixer.

Watch Page – Contains where the viewer watches streams, clips, and links to the streamer.

The chat there is able to be collapsed, and the video will scale to be wider when this is done.