My friend and I took a trip to the beach, enjoying the late afternoon, along with the approaching sunset. Both armed with cameras, the two of us went to take as many photos as possible. Here are some of my highlights.

This one looks like it could’ve come out of a postcard! With it’s bright blue sky, and vibrant greens, I thought I was walking into one! This was the first photo I took as I approached the sandy beach from the equally sandy parking lot.

Looking out to the ocean blue, I saw an absolutely endless sheet of clouds. They were perfect and fluffy, and the light blues of the sky dramatically contrast with that of the ocean.

Moon spotted! Amongst the clouds was the moon, and I luckily timed this so a bird was directly above the moon as it zoomed by. In a way, the clouds underneath the moon look like a hand holding it up, and to the right, it looked like a head.

This photo I took with my zoom lens, and in a way, it kind of looks like a fairy tale. With the pinkish and lavender sky, it was almost magical as the sun went down. 

The darkened palm trees contrasted greatly against the bright sky, and as the sun began to set in the distance, the rest of the world became darker as well. The horizon was ethereal in a way.

Concluding our trip, we had shoes full of sand, to the point of having to take said shoes off to be able to move through the sand comfortably. The sun was setting, and we headed home for the night, luckily now able to get the sand out of our shoes.

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