About lēt

lēt is a made up company that I was able to create everything for in my digital design class. It was made so I could practice with branding, and so far I think it came out good. Here is some information on lēt and its design brief.

Project Ten: lēt

Gamers rejoice! We are building an all-in-one solution for voice chat, streaming, profile building, clip showcasing and of course game sales in a single app! The desktop app will act as the primary product mixing Steam, Discord, Plays, Humble Bundle and Twitch all in one location, and pair with a mobile companion app which can be used for chatting, ordering new games, and voice connection when not at your gaming rig. The system would allow for profile design, streaming, channel overlay design, flash sales on games and of course, STATS! The profile for the user will work similarly to a social network, where gamers can connect, grow followers, share awesome gaming moments, and earn badges & achievements right through the system. The app will be free to users, and charge a small fee for expected things like purchases, game server hosting, apparel, streamer donation currency, etc. The profile should include the users PC Specs (or console types) as well as stats of legend (hours played, titles owned, etc) as well as a collection of badges for achievements from our app.  We think that if we blend eCommerce sales of swag with digital downloads, streaming, chatting, and even game server hosting directly through our desktop app we will take over this industry!

Additional Design Projects

We will need a LOT of cool apparel made (for purchase and as giveaways for achievements), as well as packaging to ship them in. Additionally, we will want all sorts of other swag (stickers, phone cases, bags, other cool stuff) to give away in Loot Boxes for users who earn certain achievements, or pay a monthly subscription (which comes with free games from indie developers). We would also need to see a design template for achievements that fits well with our branding, too.

Designs We Like

We need to have a “character” type logo, something that will become iconic and can be used with our achievement systems.  We like the idea of looking different than the Twitch or Plays logo, and need to have a character that can be recognized even when we change the gender, race, nationality, culturally, etc. We will be changing our logo “character” to celebrate different types of people and promote inclusiveness and social awareness.

Our Competition

There really is no all-in-one system like this, but we will be competing with all the big guys of the industry, in an attempt to disrupt them all. We need to be able to sell, stream, badge, and chat with all the best guys.