Just like the previous article, it’s time to do a little soul searching, and to put a little thought into things. As a digital student, I’m learning tons and tons of things, along with finding out what I like and also what I don’t like. There’s still lots to learn and lots to get used to, but I also have to consider the future. I’m uncertain about what jobs I’ll be able to get and what I can do, however, I do know some I’d enjoy, those being my dream job! In this article, I’m going to cover topics such as my dream jobs, what they entail, and other various information about said jobs.

Concept Artist

I’m fond of concept art, and I personally enjoy digital illustration! There’s a lot of concept art needed in lots of areas; games, movies, television, and I’d love to be able to get in on that. It focuses mainly on illustration- concept artists allow directors and producers to see what they want out of their work visually.

Concept artists have to be experienced with up-to-date software, along with knowing what their doing illustration wise. If they’re doing landscapes or environmental concepts, it’s probably best that they study perspectives and colors, and just look at the real world! On the other hand, concept artists that draw more people; from characters, to clothing design, etc- should probably study basic human anatomy. Both of these groups need to practice, practice, practice!

Like all design jobs involving a team, concept artists must be skilled communicators and must now how to talk to others and expertly get their ideas across. Along with this, most concept artists don’t start off as concept artists, however they usually start off in other illustration jobs such as graphic artists or comic artists, and then eventually get into doing concepts. There also is no real qualifications, however, things such as experience in fine arts and illustration are pretty necessary, as you’ll be using those skills in your illustrations.

Concept artists can get an average annual salary of 80k per year, of course, the size of the company they work for, along with how long they’ve been working as a concept artist may cause this salary to go higher. In order to make this money, the duties a concept artist may have revolves around creating things for companies, productions, movies, so that the producers or directors can visualize scenes. Concept artists set the lighting, the color, and stage for visualizing what’s needed for these big productions.

Game Design

This is another one I’m greatly interest in, however, I’m still uncertain of it. There are two aspects to it, one being design and graphics, the other being coding the actual game.  I like design and graphics more than coding, although I also don’t mind coding. Game design is a growing industry, and I’d be interested in it, especially because I’m passionate about games and I feel like they’re one of my favorite art forms. Unlike some art forms, such as movies or music – which mostly appeal visually or aurally, games are both of those things and interactive! I feel like it’s a good medium to work with.

Game designers- depending upon what aspect of it they’re going to work on, will need to know a lot of things! They’ll need to know specific coding languages, what appeals to people, how to make a game loop with a purpose, and other various things. They can do anything from coding the game, creating the concept of the game, making a way to control how you play the game, character design, level design, puzzles, fights, anything that can be contained in a game. They have to know how to put this all together, all while making it simple and easy to work with. Not meaning making the game easy, but making the UI or interface easy to work with, and not be a bother!

Game designers salaries vary depending upon how they’re working on things. Some game developers work alone, and make money directly off of whatever they’re creating, keeping most of it for themselves. Meanwhile, others may work for studios, thus having yearly salaries that aren’t based upon the games sales directly. In all honesty, I’d rather work in a studio, mainly because I find working in a team much more gratifying and interesting, although I’m not opposed to working solo. Game developer salaries (depending upon the company) can be anywhere from 43k annually to 139k annually, depending upon their company and experience, of course!

Wrapping it Up

To wrap things up, these are only two of my dream jobs, although, I do have a few more! Some of them are pertaining more to animation for television, or writing and storyboarding series. I’m passionate about character design and world design- since I was once an anthropology student, world building was always very interesting to me, especially when it includes characters with different histories, backgrounds, or cultures. I personally enjoy the fantasy genre, and I like to make fake animal species or interesting fantasy cultures, using things in the natural and cultural world I draw inspiration from.

Along with these dream job related things, I also am thinking about doing things such as logos and branding and website design simply because I already know how to do it. Also, because client work will definitely help me along the way to build a  portfolio! There’s a whole world of design waiting for me.

Featured Photo by Headway on Unsplash.