As digital designers, sometimes we find ourselves working with other media. Sometimes, instead of using only still photos, we have to use video footage, and when we don’t have time to get said footage ourselves, we may lean towards stock footage. That’s not a problem at all! Be it that we don’t have the time or equipment, investing in buying some stock footage can not only guarantee food on your dinner plate, but also provide from the person you buy it from. Along with that, you can get some absolutely stunning visuals from other content creators. Now let’s give it a look!

Stock Footage Websites

Stock footage of course, like stock photos, can be found online on various websites. In fact, most websites that carry stock photography also carry stock footage. In this piece of the article, I’ll be finding and rating five different stock footage websites. Some you may be familiar with because of their photography sections, and others are a bit more specified!

  1. Shutterstock– Shutterstock is definitely one you’ve heard of. They also sell a lot of stock photos. Some of it’s perks with it’s video department however, is that you can buy full packs of long video, or just clips out of said video pack. Shutterstock prides itself on clear and easy to understand licensing, allowing everything to be royalty-free.  It has a very neat and easy to understand website, with curator collections that you can look through. You can also buy clips in different definitions; the lower a definition is the cheaper the video is!
  2. iStockphoto– iStockphoto sells not only video or photos, but also audio and illustrations. Definitely give this one a look for the other things! It does everything via a credits system, where you buy credits to buy various stock. Similar to Shutterstock, it has everything as royalty-free, along with being able to download at a lower definition.  However, both definitions seem to cost the same price. Another thing is has is two kinds of licenses, a standard one, and some various extended ones.
  3. Pond5 – Pond5 is a very, very well-kept and organized website for stock footage. Not only does it have video footage, it has audio, after effects, sound effects, and 3D models. It has many, many different things to choose from, as well as having large categories. Pond5 allows you to choose a payment plan, which could cut down on prices. It also offers a credit system, similar to iStockphoto, but seems to do it slightly different.
  4. GettyImages – GettyImages  you’ve probably heard of.  They offer images and audio, as well as stock footage. An important part of GettyImages is it’s editorial stock footage. Alongside the creative footage, they also have videos from current events and occurances; things such as specific news including anything from celebrities to politicians. On top of that, they also offer things involving older news that was taken longer ago. Things are available for purchase and they lack a credit system.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is the liscense that governs most royalty free products. This license essentially allows people to distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon other’s works (provided they’re under this license, if not, don’t do any of those things). With stock footage, these rights remain the same.

The videographers don’t just allow you to use their things without having bought their stock footage, however, so you have to spend money on buying it. Since they’re royalty-free, you pay for it once before using it. However, if you make a certain threshhold of income off of the video, I believe sometimes royalties may come into play. It depends per video.  Usually checking the source you buy from will allow you to tell what you license will include.

Can YOU Make Stock Footage?

Well, the simple answer is, yes, you can! Although, how you can may not be so simply. You’ll most likely need a very good video camera along with enough hard drive space to carry all your videos.

According to this StockbyNumbers blog post, you can average about 550 dollars a month after selling stock footage. Apparently, having a large selection aids with making more sales, due to how people need stock footage. This creator had 748 stock footage clips on Shutterstock and successfully made about 3,600 dollars within a year and a month.

Featured Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash.