Companies, from big to small, from many people to a few people, all may need a bit of a creative touch here and there. Within this article, I’ll share with you ten out of the numerous ways a Multimedia Designer can work and create various things for companies everywhere. Some companies are small business and may hire a Multimedia Designer to work, whereas some very large companies will have an in house digital designer to do work as needed. The focus of this article will be from both these things and will also go to share the ones I’m most interested in along with some of the common starting salaries for these positions.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Many jobs can be fulfilled by a digital multimedia designer and they are usually very efficient about it. You have to have a “can do” kind of attitude, because not only will it get you the job, you will also most likely- well- do it! Some jobs that are common are for branding and advertising. This is crucial for a business that is growing because they need a brand that can be visible and recognizable. Some of the tasks that can be done are…

  • Logo-making- creating a logo that best suits the company’s brand and what the company likes visually. This includes setting up colors, choosing attractive patterns that are eye catching but also simple enough to be understood.
  • Branding-  Branding is good because everything that a company produces must be unified. Be is the logo placed on one location on the product, or a color scheme that is unique to the company. Or perhaps even a pattern.
  • Video / Audio- Commercials for said company give the company recognizability and publicity. Video and audio is applicable to TV commercials and the like, meanwhile audio may be used for primarily radio. A graphic designer must be able to balance these things and know what they’re doing. Or, if the company has a specific jingle.
  • Website Design– Behind every great company is a greater website, and Multimedia Designers must be able to create a responsive and well-organized website for the company they work for. It really helps sell or show off what the company is as a whole.
  • Printing– Advertisements! Advertisements! Advertisements! Gotta get those posters printed and those newspapers filled with your companys ads! The job of a Multimedia Designer may not always be digital and may need to encompass things like printing and using CMYK.
  • Graphics generally- The company wants a mascot? Or a quick animation that appears when you load their site? There you have it! This is the job for Multimedia Design.

Out of all of these things the ones I like the most myself is probably the website design or the audio/video. I personally like website design because I like being able to develop it and work on all the graphics and the way the pages are laid out. I also do like audio and video because there’s something weirdly cathartic about it. I like the repetition, same with web design. I also personally enjoy web design because I can use HTML coding.

The salary for opening positions with no experience are 15-20 dollars per hour, says some online sites, some say less than that or 20+. Their yearly average wage is $35,845 – $70,509. Experienced graphic designers with 5+ years of experience will have a yearly average wage of $43,410 – $98,674, which is much higher than the previous one.

Job Search

Within my area, there are 384 jobs for digital design, meanwhile there only 153 for entry level workers. There are 168 mid level jobs being offered and then only a tiny, tiny 23 for senior positions. A few of the jobs are only paying 10 dollars an hour, meanwhile some are 15 to 20 like originally stated in this blog post. There are ones that pay slightly more like ones that are about 20 to 25, which is also very good.

All of them that I can see read “computer skills and proficiency” as a requirement, which I’d imagine is obvious when you’re a digital designer. Some require portfolios or previous graphics you’ve made. There are also some that want Bachelors Degrees or Associates Degrees in Graphic Design.

Some of the things inside digital multimedia design work is very interesting and also quite worth it. You can get enough money to fuel your projects, lifestyle, and self it seems. Along with this, you can also freelance for pay via commission. It’s all very integral to a digital designer to know where and how they can work.

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash.