As artists and designers, we have to know who to target and how to target them. There is always a target audience, whether it be little kids, hipsters, or wine moms. You got to appeal to specific audiences based on age, likes/dislikes, aesthetically, etc; it’s best to be visually appealing since you are a designer, its your job to make things pretty. In order to appeal to a specific audience, you must figure out your target audience, you have to put work into researching that demographic group, use design strategies to attract the right audience, and learn how to keep that audiences eyes on you. Just like a movie or play, too.

Website Target Audiences

The Website Target Audience is who consumes, buys, reads, or likes your content. They’re supporters, buyers, or watchers, and they are absolutely necessary to have. In order to find your target audience, ask yourself a few questions. Who are they, what do they like? What blogs do they read, what do they watch and enjoy, what do they search on Google? How they choose and spend money on products? What do they want and what do they like? What do they not care about? These are the questions you need to ask to figure out what audience you want and how to understand them.

When working on a project, you’ll need to take all the answers to these questions and utilize it on your project. While working on your project to appeal to a specific demographic, it would also be extremely good to talk to people of this demographic. Surveys, Google Analytics, and various other sources may help you on this.

Design Strategies

Design strategies can allow you to help keep your audience on your website. In order to keep them, using strategies will allow you to appeal to them and to gain their favor. When utilizing these strategies, of course, ask the questions that I bolded before, think things through, and run surveys/etc. Remember, a solid plan and mix of ideas is the best way to go about your projects. Some of these ways to have good design strategies is…

  1. Have a nice and well-built site – Make it pretty, incorporate designs that fit the demographic! A site for kids has bright and fun colors! Working for rugged dudes? Make that site look grungy and pseudo-terrible with dirt-like colors! Working for wine moms? Use cursive, make everything a nice magenta tone, go for it man, they’ll eat it up. (Just kidding, please don’t use these examples. Other than the kid one.) Make it responsive and well-rounded. Make sure it works on all devices! Work hard to make the visuals recognizable and visually-attractive. This will simply appeal to the demographic because it’s pretty visually. Now, looks aren’t everything, so you got to make the content good and appealing too. Make sure your blog articles are well-written and interesting for the demographic. Use a fun voice to write, so that everything doesn’t seem like it’s copy-pasted from some random very s.e.r.i.o.u.s. website online.
  2. Be polite, be respectful, be good to those who you are appealing to – This is important. Always be polite and respectful to the people who are having interest in you and your project. Of course, this is the Golden Rule, and it’s best followed. Be honest and polite, if someone is having a trouble with either you, your content, etc, keep a polite tone even if they’re being impolite. Just don’t let people get you down, if they’re not liking your content for some strange reason such as: “You don’t write enough about (insert topic you’re not related to at all)!” they are not your target audience, thus you are not appealing to them. Of course, if you are getting things like “this is poorly written”, “this is not right”, or “this is actually really terrible and/or doesn’t reflect what you’ve previously been creating, selling, writing, etc”, especially if many of your audience is saying this, you need to check yourself. Never interpret critique and the voice and opinions of your audience as them being wrong, of course, unless they are genuinely not in the right place.
  3. Customer Testimonials / Surveys / Review System – Have a way your user base can put their own two cents in! More people are drawn in by good reviews, and will be more than happy to put in their own good review if they enjoy your content. This also strengthens your appeal, especially if you take bad/suggestive reviews into consideration and better yourself. Of course, this is within a specific criteria. If someone’s just being mean or just doesn’t like your content in the first place, there’s nothing you can do.
  4. Show it off! – Put your awards, certifications, and credentials that you have gotten over time to add to your pile of coolness. People will be attracted by lots of glittery and amazing certifications!

Keeping your Audience

Now that you have drawn an audience in, it’s time to keep them. You need them, you really do. Without your audience, you’re not making money, getting reviews, and selling your stuff. Keep your audience, use surveys, keep them engaged, keep your content going strong. Be sure to keep up with them, always keeps things clean and nice.

Featured Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash.