WordPress! Hey, we’re on it right now! WordPress is an extremely handy website platform, or Content Management System (CMS) it allows us to create, post, showcase, do just about everything online! It handles blogging, separate pages, portfolios, helpful tools and plugins, and even HTML-type things. It’s very important to use, so let’s get down to business and explore bits and pieces of WordPress! Learn about WordPress, on WordPress!

A Brief WordPress History

WordPress was created a pretty long time ago, however, it has certainly gotten quite a few updates and new coats of paint since it’s first conception. Launched in 2005, WordPress has slowly gained a large user base, because of its accessibility, simplicity, and customizability. As of today, it is the most popular CMS with the most active users than any other CMS out there!

WordPress.com utilizes an open source program respectively called ‘WordPress’ which is used by bloggers. Since then, more plugins and aspects have been placed inside WordPress, and they make the experience much easier and much more customizable. Plenty of users everywhere, from the general public, to big wig companies all run WordPress. Some of the very notable companies that utilize WordPress for their websites are CNN, Sony, and Volkswagen.

WordPress has gained more and more traction over time, such as more themes, more plugins, more users, more everything! It has a handy integrated search and tagging structure, allowing users to find other users via their tags, and pingback tools so that people know when their articles are being utilized or linked in other locations online.

Jobs, Oh My!

These days, many people need websites for their personal time, hobby stores, or companies, and what better way to help these people than to get hired to make a completely lovely and beautiful website via WordPress. Lookout digital designers, because this’ll be good for you, along with allowing you to get money and feed your families via the money you make for putting your all into a website for someone who needs it.

Doing a quick search of “WordPress” on sites for jobs such as Indeed or even just going to jobs.wordpress will come up with a bunch of jobs and openings for people that need help with their websites. Usually people are wanting a designer to create a website, completely custom content, or even organize and manage said website that they create.

Upon searching up a few of the jobs, a lot of the jobs require 2-3 years with WordPress or other various coding things. Some even require college degrees, certifications, and other various things proving your skills. A portfolio is a must, and an upbeat personality is also as strong as your portfolio. “Creativity, the ability to work fast and be a team player” is another common requirement, and with the right dedication and initiative this requirement is extraordinarily easy to fulfill, I’m sure.

A lot of the salaries are areas from 10-20 an hour, which seems to be alright. A lot of the jobs want you to sink full time in a day, which is for more companies, rather than commission-based hirers. I’d imagine with commission-based things, the artist being paid would probably determine how much it’ll be.

Featured Photo by David Travis on Unsplash