Welcome to the world of UI and UX, both extremely important things that involve both the user and the designer. You’ve probably heard of these terms before. UI is user interface, where the user goes to actually interact with the program, app, website, whatever it is! This connects the user to the program, and luckily, the user doesn’t have to go into all the nitty gritty details of the innerworkings of the app. UX is similar, UX means user experience, which is, of course, extremely important as well. UX is designing things to increase user satisfaction and happiness with whatever it is. This entails that things are easily accessible, easy to find, and also easy to read. Web analytics- analyzing how users interact with things online and where they go or how long they stay, also comes into play here. Within this article, we’ll cover more things involving it.

AB Testing with a side of UI/UX

AB testing (sometimes abbreviated as A/B testing, or called things such as ‘bucket tests’ or ‘split-run testing’) is commonly used in web analytics. The name gets what it does across pretty well, actually, because AB testing is essentially having two different versions of something- A and B. A and B will be different versions of the website, and it will be checked to see how successful one is over the other.

For example, say version A has a large body paragraph without a read more, and then a “click this” button at the bottom versus version B, which has a large body paragraph with it partially underneath a read more, with the same “click this” button at the end. Perhaps people on version A go quickly, they don’t read and then click the button. People with version B stay longer and click the read-more, and then click the button. The variables are endless, from differences in color, shape, font, and readability. This is where designers come in.

UI/UX designers need to and are aware of these things while they create, they need it. It guides them to make crucial design decisions, choose colors,  symbols, fonts, and everything else. This is also why designers keep in mind the target audience when designing, they’re supposed to be aware of these things so they can give satisfaction to the users. The user interface and the user experiences are so so very important and can make or break your website, due to the fact that you most definitely rely on the visitors to it for money, publicity, or literally anything!

Making sure that things look good is one thing, however, making things pretty also comes with making things navigable and easy to read, which is extremely important. You need things to look their best and function their best.

Jobs for UI/UX design

Jobs for UI/UX design of course will vary in their requirements, salaries, job descriptions, etcetera, however, for the most part, things’ll be similar. For the most part, you have to definitely have a portfolio with UI/UX materials, wireframes that you’ve made, things of that sort. Then, you get things like requiring Adobe programs, or other programs, which may vary, but hopefully you do have copies of the Adobe tools.

One job I found that is local for UI/UX upon a quick Google search reads off that the people that are wanted for this job must have a few years experience with the UI/UX design and must be good at communication. Communication is a must, of course! It’s super important and it is a must have if you even want to think about working on a team. Portfolio is also a must, and is super duper important, and a strong portfolio is a portfolio that gets its creator hired.

Along with this, there’s also a high salary for starting, 70,000 which is pretty good. Of course, I’d imagine that could go up with hard work, loyalty, and hopefully doing other freelance things on the side. That’s always important too!

Alright, so bring it all together. UI/UX is amazingly important, as it’s what the users directly interact with. It’s important for the designer to always keep this in mind as well as making things look good. Usually, these two things will be important and come together, causing things to look their best when it’s easily accessible and pretty!

Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash.