Animated web banners! We’ve seen them all the time, almost everywhere. On many sites, there’s always a little nook or cranny for an ad, which can be used well, or it may not be utilized in the best way possible. Making an animated ad it’s best is pretty easier said than done. It’s a balance of structure, color, text, and well-placed information. You can’t have an ad without knowing where it’s going! I mean, who would click an ad if they don’t know what it’s for or what it’s advertising? In this article, we’ll go over animated web content and it’s creators, and how to work some of the details. There will be more about these animated web content in a future article, which I will link to here.

Web Banners and Advertising – Exporting them Too!

Animated Web Banners are commonly found in advertising online. When online on a website, have you ever seen an ad that changes over time? An ad that when you hover over it it does something different? Or an ad where if you click a button on it, it’ll change what it’s showing? An ad with a little game on it? Those are animated web banners. They are pretty common, however, good ones are less common, of course.

These ads can get pretty creative, and it’s a good place to advertise, especially if it’s eye catching and interesting. It can give a pretty well rounded view of what you’re selling or trying to advertise, especially if you give it a central theme or look, of course! Modern online advertising with web banners is a gold mine just waiting to be dug up upon. Animated web banners even have a 10 percent better click through rate than the normal web banners without interactive content! That’s pretty important to consider when you want a high click rate!

Any designer can work on interactive web banners, but I’d definitely recommend ones decent in Animate. As well as being decent with animate, I’d recommend knowing how to build and export the web banners as well as having a decent grasp on color, proximity of information, when too much information looks cluttered and unclear, along with general use of contrast.

Another aspect of web banners is that you need to know how export them for actual usage! When exporting an interactive web banner for internet usage, it’s highly recommended to export as HTML5 instead of FLASH or GIF. While Flash and GIF may require browsers to have an updated version of Adobe Flash or may reject and not load GIFs, HTML5 is supported by every browser by default. This means that HTML5-based web banners will run on any and every browser (of course, provided it runs HTML5, which it should)!

Job Search Time!

A quick look-see for jobs that are asking for creators of animated web content reveals an unexplored gold mine and quite a few exciting opportunities! Searching Indeed gave me plenty of results, and for the most part these are looking pretty good. A lot of the jobs for creating animated web content also revolves around having degrees in advertisement and business (surprisingly), plenty of experience in that field (5-10 years), along with working with specific Adobe products. Unfortunately, none of them have any salaries listed on their job information, which is, of course, ideal to see.

I’d imagine with those huge requirements that the pay would have to be respectively as good as the experience and requirements wanted and needed. However, let’s hope that’s not the case, especially with these big, expensive companies.

Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash.